Promotion Posters

Bringing cyber skillz to the force

To promote the club, I created several posters referencing different random hacker culture pieces. Each one has a small riddle with various hints hidden in the poster. If you solve the riddle in the poster, you can visit that link within this site to claim your "prize".1 For example, I might have the made a poster with the secret code of
12 5 20_20 8 5_7 1 13 5 19_2 5 7 9 14. You might look at this code and think its a simple letter-to-number cipher. You then decode this cipher either by hand or with an online decoder. You then have a resulting code that looks something like example_code.2 NOTE: remove any whitespace but keep all underscores in these codes. You can then visit{code} so to claim your "prize".1 If this you see the 404, you did not solve the challenge correctly. Otherwise, you should see a unique teaser page, and you can then post in the comment section earn some sweet hacker cred.

There are six total challenges (five different physical posters and the one challenge above). Try to solve them all!

  1. There are no actual prizes other than the sweet learning you just did in solving the riddle. [return]
  2. This is not the actual solution to this code. [return]

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